WorkplacWellbeing Works image 001 - Copye Wellbeing Institute is based on Social Enterprise Principles of social justice, social inclusion, social equity, and humanitarism. Workplace Wellbeing Institute provides individual, team and whole of organisation education, training, consultancy services, program implementation and program supervision in the areas of Wellbeing in the Workplace, Mindfulness in the Workplace, Trauma-Informed Care & Practice Models & Programs, Recognising & Responding to Vicarious Trauma, Conflict Resolution Models & Programs, Respectful Communication Models & Programs and Team/Group Building/Bonding Models & Processes.(For additional information on Mindfulness Programs & Practices please use our dropdown Mindfulness (Schools) & Mindfulness (Workplace) menus on our About Training Program page. For additional information on our Trauma-Informed Care & Practice Models please use this link to our Trauma-Informed Care Website 

Our Programs & Services are based on the Core Principles of;

Emotional Intelligence

Social Intelligence

Relational Intelligence

Somatic Intelligence

As research has clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of Mindfulness in the cultivation of the above Core Principles below is a short slide-show on some of our Mindfulness Cards that we use in our Programs.

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