About Us

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Workplace Wellbeing Institute  was established in 2013 by Robyn Simpson (Masters of Gestalt Therapy [M. Gestalt. Therapy]) and Gary Simpson (Bachelor of Counselling [BCouns]) from their combined 40 years of working experience and committed involvement in the Health, Community Services and Education Industry Sectors (HCSE). Workplace Wellbeing Institute has a base of Social Enterprise Principles such as social justice & equity, humanitarism and fundemental human right's principles. Workplace Wellbeing Institute provides individual, team and whole of organisation education, training, consultancy services, program implementation and program supervision in the areas of Workplace Wellbeing Programs, Mindfulness Practices & Techniques, Trauma-Informed Care & Practice, Conflict Resolution, Respectful Communication and Team/Group Building/Bonding Processes (For additional information on our Trauma-Informed Care & Practice Models & Programs please use this link).

Of the many individuals (from the HCSE sectors), and numerous, organisations, agencies and schools, that Robyn and Gary have worked with over the years one of the common themes that continually arises is the issue of Compassion Fatigue (CF) and its negative impact on the health & wellbeing of HCSE sector employees. As Professor Charles Figley (2002, 2005) clearly states, CF is like any other kind of fatigue, as it reduces our productivity, adaptive capacities, effectiveness and interest in our work & our clients/patients/students. Figley (2002, 2005) also elaborates that CF is a direct consequence of our work in caring/helping/teaching of individuals who have suffered traumatic events or have complex trauma histories. Therefore,Compassion Fatigue can be viewed as a Psychological Workplace Health & Safety Risk Factor within the HCSE sectors.

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